What do youtube likes give


Good day to all, my dear friends and guests of my blog. So I see that everyone on any social networks, including YouTube, is chasing likes. Do you know what likes on YouTube give and does it have any effect on the promotion of your website or channel? Of course they do, and now I’ll tell you how it all happens. Buy Youtube Likes on top4smm.com.

Definition of quality

Just imagine that you are walking around the open spaces of YouTube and watching some vidyushki, when suddenly you stumbled upon a video with 5253 likes and 249 dislikes. What thought will come to your mind right away? “Most likely this video is very interesting, since so many people liked it. This means that I should also watch this video. » And after all, you start watching this video, as almost everyone was delighted with it. Likewise, that many Thumbs Up will get other people to watch the video. Now let’s imagine a different picture. You stumbled upon a video with 257 likes and 2956 dislikes. What can you say about this video? Yes, the fact that this is most likely complete crap. People don’t like this video. Most likely it is not interesting, of poor quality, poorly told and shown, etc. Most likely, people, seeing such a non-positive balance, will not even open this video, since it is clear that it is worthless and erasing it is just a waste of time.

Viral effect

Also, thanks to the likes, your video can go viral and gain a lot of views. You’ve probably seen channels that have only 50 subscribers, all videos gain 100-200 views, and one of them «shot» and scored 100 thousand at once in the first week. There are situations when vidyushki really shoot. This happens due to various factors (I will not talk about promotion now), but often such a viral effect is obtained thanks to likes. The essence of such viral effects is that if someone liked your video, then it is immediately displayed on his channel in the «Liked Videos» section. That is, any other users or subscribers of the person who gave you a “thumbs up” can go to this video you like, watch it and also put a “Like” mark, after which this clip will be displayed in their “Likes” section. And then everything is increasing. Subscribers of those people also see your video in a special section, click on it and now they have it. Thus, a whole pyramid can turn out, due to which such a viral effect occurs.

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